Pure Music: Computer models for precise analysis and advanced CAD acoustic simulation are not an end in themselves, but are compared with long listening sessions and human sensation. As a result, the state-of-the-art AUDIO FRAME series is manufactured without a housing. The loudspeaker drivers are all developed and manufactured in-house by Wolf von Langa. This effort is limitless and unique in the loudspeaker world. The benchmark: pure music!

Wvl 23216 London, state-of-the-art Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME series

WVL AUDIO FRAME 23216 LONDON shown with some front grilles removed (a variety of designs are available, please ask)

WVL 23216 LONDON spec sheet

„The Wolf von Langa LONDON creates the inner homogeneity, speed and authenticity that classic speakers simply can not handle with common drivers.“
„One can certainly criticize one or another aspect regarding Wolf von Langa loudspeakers: they are always big, never cheap, and their appearance is polarizing. But they are, both, in terms of construction, and also regarding their sound, some of the most exciting speakers the world market has to offer.“
The loudspeaker system AUDIO FRAME LONDON also received a very special award: The Industrial Prize „Best Of Electrical Engineering 2018“

The loudspeaker WVL 23216 LONDON is available in ultra gloss black.

WVL High End Lautsprecher
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