Live Music: As a designer, Wolf von Langa is driven by the vision of approaching the ideal in musical reproduction - live music! The purpose is to show what is possible at the frontier of loudspeaker development. Slowly, this fact is becoming known: It is not the membrane that makes the music, but the drive.  This is confirmed not only by intuition and our ears, but also by modern simulation programs. The power is not generated in the tires, but in the engine. In the CHICAGO, electrical music performance is converted into an acoustic experience by three unique field coil transducers made by Wolf von Langa and an WVL Air Motion Transformer.

WVL 23239 Chicago. approaching the ideal in musical reproduction - live music

WVL AUDIO FRAME 23239 CHICAGO  „Mehr Lautsprecher braucht kein Mensch"

WVL 23239 CHICAGO spec sheet

„After spending some time with the AUDIO FRAME CHICAGO you’ll begin to understand how thoroughly deliberated this concept is. Wolf von Langa opens completely new musical horizons.“
„The striking, filigree openness and naturalness, coupled with these coarse as well as fine dynamic abilities, make live recordings and drum solos into rousing experiences of a very rare kind. That's great art.“
„I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding loudspeakers and thank you for the successful demonstration! I was with them on Friday afternoon and found an island of relaxation and unpretentious well-being in the midst of the hustle and bustle.“ B. Liebenberg
„One may ask the question, why not more manufacturers give the electromagnet a chance. Probably effort and costs are very high. But this effort makes it clear that in some places, something is still possible. In any case, the idiosyncratic CHICAGO is from now on the new speaker reference at LowBeats because of its universal controllability, its good nature towards weak amplifiers, but above all because of its natural-dynamic sound. In the future, the best will have to compete with them.“
„The Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME CHICAGO is fantastic and one of the most constructively exceptional speakers currently on the market.“

The loudspeaker Wolf von Langa WVL 23239 CHICAGO is available in ultra gloss black.

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