Purity and Power: Unique on principle. A symbiosis of purity and power. This is WVL 33221 BERLIN. Each individual system is made to order by a professional hand, with ultimate care and precision. This fine product requires 60 days of hard work to complete by skilled craftsmen. Great respect is given to the future owner who will enjoy an intensely personal musical experience. Direct!

WVL AUDIO FRAME 33221 BERLIN, Wolf von Langa Field Coil bass tower Berlin Ultimate

WVL AUDIO FRAME 33221 BERLIN  plays not only notes

WVL 33221 BERLIN spec sheet

Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME BERLIN review (German; might be translated online)

„The WVL BERLIN doesn’t only present sound, but music. Music was just there, not bound to the speakers, holographic and with incredible ease.“
„The only legitimate advertising for me is quality . Everything else is brainwashing and dumbing down of the society.“ Harald Gebert

The loudspeaker WVL 33221 BERLIN is available in ultra gloss black and white waveguides, with two additional Field-Coil Bass Towers as ULTIMATE.

wvl high end loudspeaker
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